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David P. Wagner, MURP is a seasoned real estate investor. MURP is the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning with a double concentration in Real Estate Development and Real Estate Finance.


David graduated summa cum laude from the University of New Orleans in 2000. His masters paper was a study of how the City of New Orleans, which at that time had horrible blight coupled with difficulty securing livable affordable housing, could tip the scales to attract investors there instead of the more affluent suburbs. The city eventually used some of his techniques to revitalize the city.


David owned upwards of 20 buildings, comprising more than 80 individual units, in New Orleans and surrounding areas through various acquisition and financing techniques. David bought buildings through tax sales, foreclosure auctions, self-sourcing, and even listings on the market. David became a mortgage lender in 1996 when he and a client purchased an interest in a residential lending firm, Louisiana International Mortgage Corporation. It was here that David mastered his skills in real estate finance and developed a long list of collaborating firms specializing in financing all types of properties. It was here, too, that he fell in love with the financing side of things.


Over the next years, David helped his clients and partners develop small subdivisions, build in-fill housing, and develop apartment buildings. He also remained active in buying and renovating small rental properties, mostly to hold for rental and then sell after a short term. David also continued building his financing partners along the way and many of them remain working to close deals for his clients today.


David owns and operates Better Business Lenders across Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee and states in between through mortgage loan officers affiliated with the company. Recently, David relocated to New Hampshire for other professional reasons and is looking forward to building a network of investors here.

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